Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Re Miley Cyrus MTV VMA Performance plus Onion

Re Miley Cyrus MTV VMA Performance plus Onion

Miley Cyrus danced on stage, took off her clothes and displayed strong sexual behavior. Miley started out as a little girl in a Disney show and she has grown out of that role.

It has been suggested that this is not newsworthy.

I agree that a random dance from a marginal celebrity is probably not a significant event given the flow of poison water from Fukijapa, war in Syria, drugs other people use, limited garbage service and animal abuse.

But, I also disagree that it is insignificant.

Conversation is our main, individual tool to connect with our neighbors, friends and community, and reinforce with cultural cement the world we pass on to the next guardians. Events like this that focus our national attention are extremely transient and need to be seized for the rarities that they are. Like the shrink said:

"It's not the thing. It's how you FEEL about it."

Focusing on Miley's dance gives us a national starting point to discuss many issues, not limited to sex, hero worship, a spectator/consumer society, and the nature and value of art. Turns out a lot of us have strong feelings about this. If we can listen without judging to the thoughts and touchy-feely expressions that sometimes agree, sometimes conflict with our own, we might learn something about the world outside of our comfort zone.

For what are we here for, anyway? Just to echo and resonate with experiences that mirror our own? Or to be exposed to many, varied expressions and from them to filter, extract, and yes, judge what we choose to include in our own tight little worlds.

This event -- as distasteful or boring as you may find it -- is a touchstone for sexual morality in this country. The people who object strongly to MCs performance and to MTV for airing it are the same people who are dragging their feet and refusing to adapt to changing conditions in the 21st century. Aaron Sorkin described them recently in The Newsroom as "the small minority that doesn't like sex."

He goes on to wonder why the 99% of us who do like sex (probably more like 99.999%) have to cowtow to the tiny group that is offended not only by sexual ideas that conflict with their own, but any acknowledgement of sex whatsoever.

Personally, I am offended by Brooke Shields, Mika the converted Russian chick on MSNBC, and anyone who would fit Miley for an extended mental reprogramming treatment based on this display of youthful rebellion and sexuality. Kid music (and most of art) is devoted to sex, anyway. If a video show DEDICATED AND FOUNDED in a culture of youthful sexual rebellion isn't the place to air this, please show me what is.

But we already know the answer to this one, right."Nowhere. No time. Off of my and my kids radar. Away from me."

Well as one who struggles with 21st century morality let me suggest to the naysayers that the best way to make Miley go away is not to go on TV and tell everyone how bad and sick you think she is. Just turn off the damn set, put down your oar, and stop rowing the freaking boat.

Now get back to work.

Oh yeah. Some links, including The Onions response

Re Miley Cyrus MTV VMA Performance plus Onion
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