Thursday, January 23, 2014

Today, for example...

My work is a series of one-on-one interactive exhibits with no aim, but the goal of discovery. So is yours.

Today, for example.

Today, we share the experience of consideration and awareness of a human individual who lived among us and is now gone. Today you will have to work hard to avoid contact with Dr. Martin Luther King and his legacy. It is everywhere. Even in Arizona.

While he was here much of what happened to him was recorded, and many have judged him and found his life worthy.

Our children are taught about him, but what do they retain? And, like Phaedrus asked, "what is good, and what is not? Need we anyone to tell us this?"

Phaedrus was the guy who gave Socrates his poison, and that is all I know of him. Like Jesus, MLK, George Carlin, George Bush, George Washington, and hosts of others, I never met him, but the stories I have been told have shaped my mind and me.

Hopefully, much more later. Meanwhile, please consider listening to KPFK or



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