Friday, January 10, 2014

Tom's Tacos is not an exact Tito's knock-off, but it comes pretty damn close. Put that next to the drive to Culver City and back in traffic and Tom's comes off looking great. If you're Torrance-ish south bay, craving Tito's, head to 190th and Anza near the 99c store.

Tom's beats hell out of the  local competition (except Zacatecas on Inglewood).

Hi points: chips, salsa, all beef burrito and box are identical to Tito's Church Menu. 

On the low side is the tiny door and single counter which makes it crowded after the fourth person gets there. 

Mostly a very good menu. We tried a couple of burritos, the chips, salsa, and chicken and beef tacos. 

The counter people and the patrons were really nice. No imminent fist fights, at least not on a late Friday lunch in January. 

It reminds me, though of something Tito's gives that  Tom's can't yet: Tito's is a people-watching site. And isolationist, agoraphobe that I am, I still see the value in the group. Yes, for sure I pick the shortest line once I am on-site, but as I look back and reflect, it is the waiting for the food that gives an extra crisp to the chips, and twang to the salsa. It is the fact that you DO get mad-dogged sometimes, and that that thin veneer of civility could be stripped away at any moment. As you creep lightly away, clutching your box, dawdling is out. You bee-line to the car and lock it, 'cause you never know. It's Tito's. Would it really be THAT much of a surprise?

Also Tom's was not that fast. There were two people in front of us, and it was fifteen minutes before we could order. 

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