Thursday, January 23, 2014

While I was a student at my state school, I had lots and lots of epiphanies.

One was experienced almost daily: the "average student" and me had little in common. I was a middle-aged fat white man starved and hungry for knowledge, and "they" were, by and large, thirty year old women with kids and jobs.

George said he was a soldier so his son could keep shop, so HIS son could be an artist. Is that what has happened?

I am responding to a tweet referencing the "death of the college campus", and I agree that I have seen the same. My issue is location, location, location.

It is not just the campuses that have died--are dying--, but the society. And I have a bit to say about it.


...still the scariest string of words I know: Revelation Thirty-Something: " the last days, knowledge will increase..." Actually, it is in Daniel, part of the Old Testament.


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