Wednesday, March 27, 2013



Best quote list from press talk on the steps of The Supreme Court as Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is discussed inside. 

"Well folks, I apologize. It appears Mr. Clement is not coming out."

So, I guess someone tweeted that the surprise turn in the case would be the lead attorney's announcement of gayness? Gayhood?

Paul Clement was the lead counsel on the team that went after President Obama and his Affordable Care Act in 2011. Brilliant work and presentation  in that case brought him legal fame and the title "The Lebron James of Law."

Here he was expected to present thoughts and responses to his argument against Betty Windsor and her estate tax claim regarding her dead female partner and the Court's decision regarding same.


Nancy Pelosi, speaking on her history with LGBT issues, shows her feelings for her home constituency: "From our beautiful place in San Francisco, the city of Saint was our job to shorten the distance between the impossible and the inconceivable."

I dunno. It still amazes me the path I am on. Just few years ago, this same exact statement would have pissed me right off the bench.


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