Sunday, March 10, 2013

AMOCA 3/9/2013

Garreth Morris woke me up last night, he used Richard Jacobs to do it, and I had to drive to Pomona for the privilege first. That is where AMOCA is

My godson is a ceramicist and so is Garreth. I heard about this Londoner making the trek and I tagged along. My greatest sense of the event was the length of the drive and how slimy I might get wiggling out of paying any ticket cost. I had no idea I was about to get my clock cleaned.

I sat with the other nineteen people to hear -- what? -- a dry presentation of dried earth.

Ceramics does not light my fire. I am a screen and word guy. There was a flat screen, and a camera so I thought "images." There was a very boring introduction and I was told that we were going to hear a 45 minute presentation of letter reading. Hmmm. Warmer.

Richard Jacobs began and drew a stick figure of himself out of words. Described himself so that I felt comfortable.

Then he introduced topic after topic and Mr. Morris and kept me on the edge of my seat for much more than and hour. My head expanded, contracted, wobbled, regained it's orientation and absolutely did NOT return to it full upright position.

A letter-writing foundation they used to build an engaging presentation of words. The topics are much larger than I can describe here now (I am still digesting). But the sound-bites I was able to capture are titillating.

Professor Jacobs said that he hopes to have his hopes dashed. That if he ends his life knowing nothing, he will have had a successful journey. This guy is cool nihilism and hilarity. Gold mining to commense ASAP.

Mr. Morris described "the center of being ache" to describe his creative process, and declared his ongoing intention to "keep the suffocation of expectation at bay."

Dr. Jacobs announced his practice of "celebrating the glory of imagination" by displaying Gareth's work.
The engaging and high-level debate/conversation/oratory renewed my strength and made me turn on the Sunday morning shows with renewed hope. I even looked for Doha.

Thank you gentlemen. I hope the invitation was not just to get me out to the parking lot.


"Maybe men should be more like women" George Will on TWwGS

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