Sunday, March 3, 2013

Florida Sinkhole Taps Fear Center In Us All

Florida Sinkhole Taps Fear Center In Us All

This is only a local story for this poor guy's Floridean neighbors, so WTF do I post it here?

Well, I think we have a graphic representation of a GAF here (read General American Fear). And, like the growing vacuum underground, it goes much deeper.

We as LATS are not supposed to listen to that little voice sometimes in the shape of starving, dark-skinned people far, far away -- okay, okay :  Loyal American Test Subjects -- We are not encouraged to self-examination or moral exploration regarding our core principles of shop 'till you drop and slash and burn diplomacy.

What if we die? Will we die, NMW? What happens after? Why didn't my ancestors live like this?

Or, in the case most closely held at hand: what happens if my life changes dramatically in one second? And by that I mean : DRA -- mah...

We don't much think about a today without a tomorrow, which is exactly what this guy got, oh, and what EVERY FUCKING ONE OF US WILL GET WHEN WE DIE.

I dunno. I probably am fooling myself here. Plato said that the present is a thing impossible small and hard to describe, sandwiched between two imaginary things. So maybe it is a vision thing: it is just too hard to see.

This guy is sleeping peacefully in his warm cozy dream cocoon. Something bumps the bed and he is plunged, burrito-wrapped in his blue blanket deep into the dark, warm earth, never to return. Is there anything more scary? Or is a slow ATM still atop the list?

Florida Sinkhole Taps Fear Center In Us All

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