Monday, March 18, 2013

notes - "Hot for writing" gets student author banned -- notes

"Hot for writing" gets student author banned from school

A local story, and I yield to the courts to decide on the decisions, but I do have a few thoughts on the context. 

The way it is presented to us is that a creepy guy wrote about how hot the teacher was, and she kicked him out of school for it.

What has happened between the announcement in class and us reading the story?

Did the student follow the teacher's instructions for the assignment?

Are there pertinent facts not included in the story? 

Facts like: 
+ this happened two years ago
+ the guy had options for completing his schoolwork
+ he was offered a refund

And Other Questions, like: 

What the fuck are the school administrators thinking about that they can't fix this before it breaks out as a national story?

Wouldn't it be nice if teachers (as a group) had authority and respect enough that 1) it is assumed that this teacher failed a little in manifesting HER authority and handling the student issue in the classroom? and 2) the thrust of the story is a description of the erosion of faith in education and THAT is what is on trial here instead of one teacher, one student, and one school?

In my world, curiosity and learning and knowledge are royalty.

"Hot for writing" gets student author banned

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