Monday, March 25, 2013

Does Religion Insist on Suppression?

Does Religion Insist on Suppression?

When your religion insists you suppress your sexuality, sensuality and sociology, you automatically suppress your spirituality to those same dogmatic restrictions and you stagnate inwardly, becoming self destructive as well as abusive to those around you, including those you may love dearly.

What you fight, you invite and ignite. Relax and allow the elegance and eloquence of your humanness manifest with dignity and class. Human beings, being human is not a fault or sin. Decide to live beyond the illusion of shame, scarcity and fear! Love, peace and freedom is our divine birthright!

Bishop Carlton Pearson
Chicago, Illinois

Does Religion Insist on Suppression?

Follow up discussion question: Why is sexuality less onerous than violence?

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