Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chicks 'N Shit, Continued

Chicks 'N Shit, Continued

Sometimes my dad looks pretty smart. 

Like when he said, "Let's give the women a chance. They couldn't fuck it up any more than the men have." 

Coming from a lifer Rotarian and one of the most diligent, meticulous, and conservative men I have ever known, this was something. 

So, with this as partial genesis, I launch Chicks 'N Shit, my site dedicated to good news about females, feminism and feminine evolution, with some math & science thrown in once in a while.

DD out

Douglas Douglas
Discovery Learning founder
Host of Hard Work Hour with Douglas Douglas

Obama appoints First Female Director of Secret Service

Cali, Columbia: Women say: "Fuck bodayas. We don't need the government OR the godamn drug cartels!" NASHIRA

Nashira, another good reason to pay attention to Al Jazeera. 

Chicks 'N Shit, Continued

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